The Second Son by Loraine Peck – Our Review


Our Review…

I love reading a book debut and absolutely loving it, just knowing that I will now will be desperate to read everything this author will publish in the future! Heading into the snap lockdown I needed a book that I could immerse myself in as a welcome distraction, and The Second Son by Lorraine Peck was exactly that.

Set in Sydney’s west, Ivan Novak is shot dead putting his bins out in a brutal and callous drive by shooting. Except Ivan isn’t some innocent citizen, he was a member of an illustrious crime family and now they want revenge.

Milan, the family patriarch is furious at the injustice and looks to his youngest son Johnny to make everything right.
But Johnny has a beautiful wife and son, and is secretly torn between his sweet little family and his criminal gang family of origin. Johnny can’t choose, this is his life and everything he has ever known.

But when Amy and his son Sasha are targeted, Johnny must do something to protect them, he plans the gang’s biggest heist yet and risks it all just to save them.

Thrilling, complex and a terrifying depiction of family loyalty, gang violence and blood-soaked rifts this is truly an action-packed crime debut.

I couldn’t put it down, and now all I can think is… Please tell me there will be a sequel!
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books