The Silent Invasion by James Bradley


Our Review…
This is the first book in a suspenseful trilogy from award-winning author James Bradley. It is a sci-fi adventure story set in 2027 in Australia, where climate change is worsening and where an alien contaminant in the form of a spore, is randomly changing the DNA of any life form that comes in contact with it.
Sixteen-year-old Callie is determined to save her infected five year old sister from being imprisoned by Quarantine Control. They flee thousands of kilometres ever northwards, hoping to find refuge in the mysterious “zone”. They must quickly learn who they can and cannot trust.

The Silent Invasion focuses on a brave young person standing up against the injustices of the world they live in, taking enormous risks to save those they love, being confronted with terrible trials and challenges and overcoming them. The story is timeless, but Bradley makes it relevant to our present day- the idea of an environment itself is hostile, is one that children growing up today may have to confront as a reality in the not too distant future.
Suitable ages 12 +
Review by Jenny & Nic @ Great Escape Books.

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