Our Review – The Silk House by Kayte Nunn


Our Review…
A modern day gothic ghost story. Arriving dusty and tired on the day before term commences, Thea Rust is enchanted when she hears the voices of a choir effortlessly rising and falling in harmony, until she realises there are no students there as yet. Her feeling of unease is compounded when she enters the Silk House, the boarding residence for the new eleven female students. We learn that the Silk House was a merchant trade house in the mid 1700’s when we are transported back onto the past when Rowan Caswell, a young maid lands the position of a lifetime as the maid in waiting for the master of the house. Rowan, one of eleven children, has been secretly schooled in the arts of healing, able to create herbal tinctures and potions, taught by her mother and grandmother. She also has ‘the sight’, a gift she is at pains to hide from all
The Silk House is a gently haunting tale that had effortlessly moves from past to present. An accomplished author, Kayte Nunn is best known for The Botanist’s Daughter, however I far and away loved this gothic

Weaving. Healing. Haunting. The spellbinding story of a mysterious boarding school sheltering a centuries-old secret… Australian history teacher Thea Rust arrives at an exclusive boarding school in the British countryside only to find that she is to look after the first intake of girls in its 150-year history. She is to stay with them in Silk House, a building with a long and troubled past.
In the late 1700s, Rowan Caswell leaves her village to work in the home of an English silk merchant. She is thrust into a new and dangerous world where her talent for herbs and healing soon attracts attention. In London, Mary-Louise Stephenson lives amid the clatter of the weaving trade and dreams of becoming a silk designer, a job that is the domain of men. A length of fabric she weaves with a pattern of deadly flowers will have far-reaching consequences for all who dwell in the silk house. Intoxicating, haunting and inspired by the author’s background, THE SILK HOUSE is an exceptional gothic mystery.

‘The stories of three fascinating women weave seamlessly together in this atmospheric book set against the sumptuous backdrop of the eighteenth-century silk trade. The titular Silk House is at once eerie and evocative as it leaves its mark on its inhabitants – and as its influence transcends time to create a mystery that is so compelling I found myself racing towards the final pages. Utterly spellbinding’ NATASHA LESTER

‘A haunting, atmospheric novel that is near-impossible to put down’ SALLY HEPWORTH

‘An elegantly woven ghost story that both chills and delights… Set in an old house that is a character in itself, this evocative tale of mystery and secrets continued to haunt me long after I turned the last page’ JOANNA NELL

‘Kayte Nunn has the gift of creating characters, stories and settings that become as cherished as old friends … This book is the best kind of escapism: thoughtful, colourful and meaningful’ SOPHIE GREEN