The Silver Boy by Kristina Ohlsson


The Silver Boy by Kristina Ohlsson
Our Review…
They thought ghosts didn’t exist….
But when Aladdin’s parents discover food is being stolen from their restaurant, he and his friend Billie decide to investigate.
Soon, Aladdin notices a strange boy – dressed in short trousers, despite the freezing winter temperature, lurking around – could he be to blame for the thefts? But as hard as he tries to catch and confront him, the boy always disappears – leaving no footprints in the fresh snow. Aladdin and Billie were convinced that ghosts don't exist, but now they're not so sure. Before long, Aladdin and his friends are involved in a web of secrets involving a local historical legend, hidden treasure and crime.
Can they uncover the mystery of the curious Silver Boy?
An exciting fast paced read, perfect for 9-11 year olds.
Review by Jenny @ Great Escape Books

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