The Sin Eater by Megan Campisi – Our Review


Our Review…

If you enjoyed The Binding or Once Upon A River sit back and enjoy this gothic tale set in England maybe two hundred years ago.

There actually was a Christian related ritual called the ‘Sin Eater’ to a dead or dying persons’ bedside to hear their confessions and have a spread laid out to eat – taking the sins away, so the spirit could pass quietly on. 

The Sin Eater is reviled, not spoken to and turned away from, a tragic, isolated existence. Poor May Owens is awaiting death for stealing a loaf of bread in a cell full of children, all to be executed for their crimes no matter how trivial. 

A strange turn of events sees May sentenced to be apprenticed to a Sin Eater and released. Totally ignored, she follows the lumbering, gross women about a she learns the ropes, going from very poor hovels to the Royal Palace where there is a string of suspicious deaths. 

After the Sin Eater dies, May takes over the job, but finds a way to change her rules for a better life and a chance of escaping and returning home. Fascinating and a wonderful visual escape for a while.

Review by Sue @ Great Escape Books