The Strangers We Know by Pip Drysdale- Our Review


Our Review:
Charlie is head over heels in love with her husband Oliver, these two are the epitome of couple goals.

Laughing, and enjoying a night out with her bestie, Charlie is shocked and shaken when she sees a man who looks just like her husband appear on the screen of her friends dating app.

Is her mind playing tricks on her? Surely it can’t be her beloved? With only a quick glimpse of this handsome suitor Charlie begins to question who she saw.

Doubt starts to creep in for Charlie, and she can’t help wondering if her husband is cheating on her. Logically, the only way to find out, is to sign up to the dating app herself and take matters into her own hands.

But soon enough, more strange and alarming things are happening and Charlie begins to feel quite befuddled.

‘The Strangers We Know’ is a mystifying thriller that is a fast paced narrative puzzle, perfect for those who love a good mystery!

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books