The Surfer’s Travel Guide Australia – 9th Edition by Chris Rennie


The most comprehensive guide available
In depth descriptions for every major surf

Right now there are thousands of waves breaking on beaches all around Australia. Some will be a tempting 4ft, over white sand, in crystal clear water, others will be a bone crunching 10ft, grinding over shallow reefs, and scaring the hell out of all in sight. That is the magic of Australia’s coastline. It’s diversity and enormity.

This guide will get you to all those places and provide you with plenty of essential information and a good laugh along the way. It’s a real surfer’s travel guide. It includes:

In-depth wave descriptions for every major surf break in Australia.
A comprehensive accommodation, food and party guide, as well as flat day fun activities.
Surf survival techniques, road-trip planning, 4wd tips, advice on buying second hand cars and weather forecasting.
It also has other essential information such as a beer guide and a complete healthy travel section to keep you fit for the surf. There’s enough information to keep the most intrepid travellers satisfied.
About the Author

Chris Rennie, originally from Torquay near Bells Beach in Victoria, has a dream to surf every spot he has listed in his book.