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Our Review…

Jane Harper’s fourth book is one for the fans. They will appreciate her strengths and overlook the weaknesses in this book.

Her elite ability to set a story in a vivid Australian landscape, this time in small Tasmanian coastal town, is a strength that a reader can fully immerse themselves in to the point of complete escapism.

If you are a fan of Jane Harper it is must-read but it will probably not end up knocking off your previous favorites The Dry and The Lost Man.

Her art of misdirection keeps you guessing right to the end but I found the characters a bit pedestrian and it could never be described as a page turner.

If you are new to Jane Harper this is not the one to judge her by, read the previously mentioned first.

If you have read all the others you already know you will be reading this one.

Review by Marty – Nic’s partner

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