The Tea Ladies by Amanda Hampson – Our Review


Our Review…

While tea ladies are a thing of the past, they were privy to all the things, serving warm beverages to all the employers throughout a workplace. As such, they interacted with the different hierarchy of roles within an organisation, and often overheard the gossip as they delivered their sweet treats.

Set in Sydney, 1965. Hazel, Betty, and Irene are forced to set their detective skills to work when a body is found amidst a smouldering blaze at the building.

While the young women hold all the secrets they have overheard, they have just no idea how deep things truly run until they begin to unravel the layers of mystery.

With the mysterious disappearance of a young woman, double lives heartbreakingly exposed, undertones of organised crime and the mini skirt bursting onto the scene, threatening their traditional fashion empire, the women really do have their hands full!

This would make a perfect gift for Mother’s day, it is a mystery without the gore, completely engaging and a fabulous read!

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books