The Truth About Her by Jacqueline Maley – Our Review


Our Review…

Completely compelling, the life of a Sydney journalist whose world shatters alongside the young woman she has written an expose about, had me fascinated from beginning to end.

Suzy Hamilton, an award-winning journalist, writes a story exposing an Instagram health expert who claims her vegan diet has cured her bone cancer. Her fans turn on her and a tidal wave of online outrage is immediately directed at the young woman – who then takes her own life.

Written by an Walkley winning journalist Jacqueline Maley, The Truth About Her moves at a cracking pace, offering a penetrating insight into the journalistic world and a harrowing appreciation of the damage of trolling and vitriol in social media, especially on Twitter and Facebook. This is also a sensitive story about motherhood, the complexities it entails, the joys, the guilt, the impossible quest to be the best mother possible to your child.

Utterly absorbing, The Truth About Her would be a great read for bookclubs or any mum!

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books