The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley by Hannah Tinti


Our Review…This is sensational novel of the lengths a father will go to protect his daughter. Samuel Hawley is not a good man. A hit man and accomplished thief, he nevertheless will move mountains to protect his young daughter Loo from the very real ghosts of his past. Ready to move at a moments notice, Loo adores her gruff father. Tough and resourceful, from an early age she has grown up knowing how to handle a gun and hot-wire a car, but is perplexed by many aspects of her father, especially the loving shrine he builds to her mother’s memory each time they up and move. Wrapped around two timelines, with alternating between chapters dedicated to Loo’s adolescence and the story behind her father’s twelve bullets, we learn of Loo’s beautiful mother and the lengths that Samuel has gone to protect them both. An astounding book, this novel will leave you grappling with some big moral dilemmas, especially do you have to be a good man to be a good father? With echoes of Cormac McCarthy, this is one of the great novels of the year.
Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books