The Unbelieved by Vikki Petraitis – Our Review


Our Review…

Being a true crime podcast lover, I was so rapt to read Vikki Petraitis’ crime thriller, ‘The Unbelieved’ after listening to her brilliant podcast work and I was not disappointed. It is thrilling, disturbingly relevant and a brilliant read.

Antigone Pollard has moved to Deception Bay to regroup and recover after being rattled to her core when one of her big cases as a Senior Detective in Melbourne goes horribly wrong.

Having requested a transfer to the sleepy town she grew up in, Antigone is living on isolated acreage with her beloved dog, a failed police dog but the most loyal pal that is never far from her side.

Enjoying a quiet drink at the pub, Antigone finds her drink spiked by a daring and crafty local with a sinister secret. But unsurprisingly, this good bloke is just misunderstood and being targeted by the over-the-top Detective, according to the boys’ club of locals that gather around to support him.

Soon enough, Antigone comes up against the powers that be, to uncover just how rife and dark the misogyny runs through the town, and the crimes that are being covered up, going back decades.

With a strong female protagonist, and her supportive colleague by her side, the sleepy town begins to find it’s voice and demand the standards shift.

Poignant, powerful and a fabulous book. Perfect for true crime lovers and crime fiction readers alike.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books