The Wakes by Dianne Yarwood – Our Review


Our Review…

The Wakes by Dianne Yarwood is one of the most exquisite books I have read recently. It is an emotional journey of interwoven lives and community that draws the reader into a reflective state long after finishing.

Four funerals connect all of the characters in this novel, each of their lives at a different stage, some with marriages ending, others broken from the IVF heartache, while others are childhood friends and experiences of long-lost love that is not quite within reach.

The food that is served at a wake is sometimes the most delicious food you may devour in an awkwardly morbid way. Two new friends begin a new venture to cater the food for funerals, and they create the most soul filling delights that act almost like a warm embrace to all who partake in the tasty morsel, a positive in some of the most awful of circumstances.

This book is about life, death, and those we meet along the way. It is a beautiful portrait of love and grief and is ultimately a story of uncovering what’s really important in life and how to find a way to make it through.

Perfect to cosy up with a cup of tea and a box of tissues nearby, this one is bound to make you feel and feel some more. I absolutely loved it.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books