The War That Saved My Life, by Kimberley Bradley


Our Review….
This is an unforgettable, gripping historical tale of family and identity. Set in England during WW2, 10 yr old Ada has never been outdoors. Born with a club foot, her mother considers her an abomination & her own personal shame. Ada has suffered a lifetime of neglect & abuse in the hands of her “mam” & so when the chance comes for her to join her fellow child war evacuees, including her little brother, Jamie, out of London, she leaps at the chance, escaping to the English countryside where the 2 are foisted upon a reluctant guardian, Susan. As the war progresses, Ada learns, grows & changes and discovers a world she never knew existed. Susan’s care and love is life changing and with Susan’s help and the therapeutic freedom she feels on horseback, Ada fights for her personal freedom. The healing powers of care, respect and love are brought to life in this moving story.
Review by Jenny @ Great Escape Books.