The Winter Garden by Alex Bell


For readers of THE TOYMAKERS and THE WATCHMAKER OF FILIGREE STREET, a dark magical novel set in the world of Victorian pleasure gardens from an acclaimed writer.

Welcome to the Winter Gardens of Half Moon House. Please do not mishandle the exhibits. (The owners accept no liability for any events that occur, magical or otherwise…)

The Winter Garden open at the stroke of midnight with no great fanfare – after all, this is a time when all virtuous folk should be in bed. But for the few curious souls that brave the opening of its gates what enchantments await.

There is all manner of strange and spectacular flora and fauna collected on her travels by the scandalous Lady Beatrice Sitwell and exhibited for the delight of paying customers. By flickering lamplight, visitors can discover magic fish, spectacular ghost butterflies, and a tiger made of stars.

And for the very brave – and a small extra cost – there is the forest of plum trees, ripening against the snow bearing magical fruit which can tell your fortune – if only you dare take a bite…

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