The Winter Soldier by Daniel Mason – Our Review


Our Review: Finally a book to enjoy after “ All The Light We Cannot See “ With glowing praise from Anthony Doerr calling it part mystery, part war story and part romance. Opening in Vienna 1914 Lucius, feeling confident after years at college, enlists to a Medical Hospital at the Eastern Front. He finds he is woefully out of his depth and to his embarrassment he relies on the practical, hardworking (and diplomatic ) nurse Sister Margarete.
Snap life and death decisions in the freezing winters take their toll with little relief. There is, incredibly, love and some redemption in this hellish situation. A chance decision over a wounded soldier is the catalyst for the next series of events and an unexpected finish I never saw coming. Beautiful writing, real and vivid characters reminding us of the unpredictability of our decisions and the emotions evoked by them. Thoroughly enjoyed this historical novel.
Review by Sue @Great Escape Books.