The Wiregrass by Adrian Hyland – Our Review


Our Review…

If you loved Canticle Creek then you will be thrilled by The Wiregrass – the second book in the series featuring Jesse Redpath by Adrian Hyland.
Jesse has been posted as officer in charge in a Satellite on the outer fringes of Melbourne after transferring from the Northern Territory.
She hits the ground running when wild storms blast the town, and a local dies in an accident that strikes Jesse as more like suspicious circumstances.
Everyone is looking at a hermit like character, Nash Baker who was once a praised cop but who has spent years in prison after he snapped and took justice into his own hands. Now, Nash lives a quiet and isolated life without the need for company, a prickly and eccentric character.
Jesse can’t let it go, and she is like a dog with a bone, unable to stop until the truth is uncovered. Her instincts will not be quashed until she unravels the complicated web of terror that dates back decades before.
An easy-to-read crime thriller, with charming characters that are rough around the edges. Definitely worthwhile reading both books in the series, but you can choose the order in which you read them.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books