The Women and the Girls by Laura Bloom – Our Review


Our Review…

An intricately weaved and fascinating book about love, happiness, freedom and independence. In 1977, three women are unhappy in their respective marriages even if they aren’t ready to admit it.

Libby is a friendly, free spirit who is a fabulous entertainer and stay at home Mum but she is desperately lonely. Meeting Carol changes things, Carol also has a child at the local school and has recently moved to Australia from London. Separated from her support network, Carol is becoming increasingly quashed down her controlling husband.

Anna is a career Mum, forging her life in a world of men who dominate the workforce in the late 70’s, she is strong and determined. While Anna and her husband are the envy of others looking on, she is doubting her happiness, wondering if they are more housemates than lovers.

‘The Women and the Girls’ is the story of how these friends, along with their children create a life together by leaving their unhappy marriages and forging a life of their own.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books