The Yellow Bird Sings by Jennifer Rosner- Our Review


Our Review:

The Yellow Bird Sings is a tender aching novel about the relationship between mother and daughter, the fight for survival and holding onto hope in spite of even the greatest adversity. 

In Poland 1941, Ròza and her daughter Shira flee to the safety of a barn to hide and barely survive. Having just lost her husband when their entire Jewish community are raided, the mother and child duo are terrified and alone.

Ròza can barely fend for herself in this time, and with danger lurking at every turn this mother faces an unthinkable decision of letting her daughter go free.

Beautiful Shira, at just five years old has a profound depth of courage and tenacity, and must face the broken world with all but her beloved yellow bird for comfort.

The injustice, the heartbreak and the incredible ferocity of the human spirit are what make this an unforgettable book. A novel filled with love, hope and beauty which triumphs above all else.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books