The Yield by Tara June Winch – Our Review


Our Review…
“Yield in English is the reaping, the things that man can take from the land. In the language of the Wiradjuri ‘yield’ is the things you give to, the movement, the space between things – baayanha, baayanma.”

On the banks of the Murrumby River, Albert Goondiwindi is looking back over his life, knowing that he will soon die. Albert begins to catalogue language and culture to pass on to the next generation in a sacred transcript.

His granddaughter August Goondiwindi, after living overseas for the past decade, is drawn home at his death. August is faced with all that she ran from many years ago – all the grief and sadness that so deeply weighs her down and bubbles to surface.

Heart-wrenchingly their precious community is amidst the fight of repossession of their land by a mining company- with dire consequences for all those who belong to this tribe.

‘The Yield’ is a book of culture, of rich history in language and identity written from three perspectives that provide a depth of storytelling. A book to ponder and to savour the words and the wisdom, not wanting it to end but allowing the words to soak right through.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books