This Has Been Absolutely Lovely by Jessica Dettmann – Our Review


Our Review…

‘This Has Been Absolutely Lovely’ by Jessica Dettmann is a gorgeous, funny and endearing book about family and it’s complexities.

Annie Jones is the family matriarch, a once almost famous musician who is now a grandmother and carer of her aging parents.
With both of her parents having now passed away, Annie is reflecting on the time she can now invest in her own life and how she will revel in finally putting her own dreams first for once. But her family are not used to this side of Annie, and have other plans!

Over Christmas, all of the family are staying in the once family home. You can well imagine the dramas of a house overflowing with Annie’s three adult children; Molly, Simon and Naomi as well as her ex husband and their father Paul and his partner Brian.

Jessica Dettmann has the most incredible way of capturing the moments that make up relationships. The happy, sad, deep memories and the nuances of family dynamics in a relatable and charming way.

A delight to read, this is a fantastic book to read in a weekend.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books