Three Sisters: A breath-taking new novel in The Tattooist of Auschwitz story by Heather Morris – Our Review


Our Review…

The final in a breathtaking trilogy by Heather Morris comes, ‘Three Sisters’. Each of the books can be read as a stand alone or in any order tells individual true stories of survivors and their story of resilience, courage and survival during World War II.

‘Three Sisters’ is my favourite so far of the series, I felt so invested in the characters and their plight that it has continued to stay with me and provided a welcome perspective and a mindset shift change towards hope during this time.

Cibi, Livia and Magda are three sisters who promise their father they will always stay together. Years later, fifteen year old Livia is ordered to Auschwitz and remembering her promise to her father, older sister Cibi followers her in an incredible act of bravery and protection.

While middle sister, Magda at just seventeen years old hides in a neighbours ceiling, paralysed and afraid, her heart breaks from a distance at the unimaginable separation of her siblings.

Yet soon enough, Magda is also sent to the concentration camp and the sisters are once again reunited in each other’s arms. Together, the sisters face unfathomable circumstances, yet they do it by each other’s side.

A beautiful, heartbreaking and powerful true story of the reality of war, that tells brings the personal stories to life. With breathtaking end notes from the women whose lives the book is based on, this really is a brilliant read.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books