CBCA 2022 Shortlisted- Tiger Daughter by Rebecca Lim – Our Review


Our Review…

Tiger Daughter by Rebecca Lim is a powerful own voices story of growing up as the only child of Chinese immigrants in Australia.

Perfect for middle years, Rebecca Lim does not shy away from exploring uncomfortable topics of racism, parental expectations and mental illness, all written in a tender compassionate voice.

Thirteen-year-old Wen lives in a home that is carefully governed by her often angry and domineering father, but when she befriends Henry at school the two become allies and each other’s cheer squad in their educational dreams.

Through their shared experiences the two friends’ bond, but suddenly tragedy strikes Henry and his father. A devastated Henry seeks refuge in his brokenness, hidden away from the world in his room.

It is in this space that Wen and her previously silent and sullen mother shine, showing Henry what love is and in turn find themselves, each other and their own voice.

While written for ages 9 plus, this such a special book, it is perfect for adults alike.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books