Together We Can by Claire O’Rourke – Our Review


Our Review…

This is one of the most uplifting books I’ve ever read. It is exactly what we need to hear right now with doom and gloom dominating the climate change discussion. Written about everyday people, for everyday people, this book is brilliantly poised to fill your cup with climate positivity.

O’Rourke has delved into the farthest and most unexpected corners of Australia to showcase the inspiring and wickedly clever projects that are changing our planet for the better. She talks to people who have learnt to turn seaweed into renewable plastic, people with a climate agenda who have won their local independent seat, and people from fundamentally opposing industries who have come together to work toward a common goal.

Together We Can is an important snapshot in time, a celebration of all the good that is happening in the Australian climate space as we speak. It’s a gentle yet powerful call to action, showing us that everyday people can make big changes when they come together and support each other.

Review by Belinda @ Great Escape Books