Too Much Lip by Melissa Lucashenko – Our Review


Our Review…
Vivid, brutal, funny and heartbreaking. ‘Too Much Lip’ opens as Kerry blasts into town on her stolen Harley. She’s been summoned home as the matriarch of the family, her Pop is dying. She arrives bemused to find her family in far worse shape than when she left it.

Although the Salter family are splintered and angry, Kerry is also in rough shape, fleeing a broken relationship with her girlfriend, now in prison for armed robbery, and carrying a highly suspect backpack of who-knows-what. When it looks like her Pop’s dying last wish is to be laid to rest on Granny Ava’s Island – sacred ground that looks like it is going to be swept away by a land development, the full rage against past horrendous crimes, the massacres, the generations stolen, and the terrible acts committed against their family emerges.

Immediate and violent , Lucashenko pulls no punches, but ‘Too Much Lip’ also sparkles along with energy and wit. It’s a confronting but an incredibly wonderful novel, that deserves be read by all Australians.
Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books