Transcendent Kingdom by Yaa Gyasi – Our Review


Our Review…

Deeply moving, Transcendent Kingdom is one of those beautiful heart-wrenching stories that makes you question your own views on the roles of family and belonging play in your life, as well as your bias’s on religion, science, race and much more.

Searching for a better life, Gifty’s family have won the green-card lottery and moved from Ghana, West Africa to Alabama USA. They used to comprise of four members, but on opening we know it’s only now her and her mother -” a matter-of-fact kind of woman, not a cruel woman, exactly, but something quite close to cruel.”

From being a force of nature, her mother is now bed-ridden, silently suffering an unnamed mental illness. Gifty herself is a brilliant 5th year PHD neuroscience student, and although she bravely attempts to overcome hardships, in her own eyes and in those of her mother, we soon see she can never be quite ‘enough’.

Threading backwards and forwards in time, Transcendent Kingdom is an exquisitely written insight into the power and often tragedy of family. With its many magnificent layers and depth, this novel would provide wonderful material for discussions at book clubs. A terrifically moving read.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books