2022 Indie Shortlisted and 2022 ABIA Longlisted – Treasure and Dirt by Chris Hammer – Our Review


Our Review…

Finnigans Gap is a desolate, dusty and desperately isolated town in outback Australia best known for precious gems, opals in particular and is the perfect setting for the fantastic new thriller from Chris Hammer.

The suspicious death of an opal miner sees a homicide detective Ivan Lucic sent from Sydney to investigate. Joining forces with the young, newly appointed and somewhat inexperienced detective Nell Buchanan who once worked in uniform in Finnigans Gap, the two are thrust into a deep dark underworld with a host of local characters.

Having received an anonymous call to report a dead body found in a gruesome crucified position right at the bottom of the mine, the detectives have no idea of the drama that will unfold in their attempt to uncover the truth.

Finnigans Gap is filled with it all, from mining magnates flexing their power to an alarming cult on the outskirts of town, all tainted with the family dramas that emerge. Together, it makes for an absolutely thrilling read.

Emotional, atmospheric and escapist this is a fantastic thriller. Written so brilliantly, you will be completely transported and immersed within the dirty pages.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books