Truganini: Journey Through the Apocalypse by Cassandra Pybus – Our Review


ABIA Longlist 2021 – Biography Book of the Year
Shortlisted for the Indie Book Awards 2021

Our Review:
Truganini has long held a place in the colonial history of Australia as the supposed last of the Tasmanian Aborigines, a hapless and forlorn figure banished from her land on Bruny Island. 

Now Cassandra Pypus brings her life, acknowledging her as a defender of her people, a smart and canny survivor, an expert hunter, swimmer and diver who saved the life of her “protector” George Augustus Robinson on more than one occasion.

Trugagini attached herself to Robinson, not for the puritanical Christianity he preached, but because he represented her best chance of survival when her people were hunted and shot with impunity.

This is a stunning book, based on (and reading between the lines of) Robinson’s own diaries, that finally honours Truganini as an individual in her own right, not just a representative of a supposedly extinct people.  
Review by Mark @ Great Escape Books