ABIA 2022 Longlisted- Turns Out, I’m Fine: How Not To Fall Apart by Judith Lucy – Our Review


Our Review…

I am a huge Judith Lucy fan! I love her sense of humour and her comedic prowess and this book is just the epitome of her work. It’s absolutely wet-your- pants funny as well as gritty and admirably authentic.

Whether you are a comedy lover or not, this book will not disappoint. As well as being hilarious, Judith Lucy so marvellously captures what it’s like to be a fifty year old woman who feels like her life is crumbling to pieces.

Because, in fact, it was. Written during a tumultuous time in her life, this memoir charters the depth of loss and grief, menopausal mayhem, career lows and how so much of it is made harder by gender inequity and discrimination that women face today.

Turns Out, I’m Fine is a candid, powerful and truly outstanding book. A fantastic read in present times, it truly is a most enthralling read.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books