Unconditional Love: A Memoir of Filmmaking and Motherhood by Jocelyn Moorhouse – Our Review


Our Review:
Unconditional Love is a striking memoir. Jocelyn Moorhouse has created a breathtaking account of her life, regaling her career in filmmaking, motherhood and the loss of her beloved parents.

The Dressmaker movie, reached into our homes and became a favourite. Jocelyn Moorhouse was the director and the movie is a snapshot into her far reaching talent. Reading her book is a delight to the heart and mind, immediately her stead of story telling speaks right into your depth, capturing your inner workings.

Married to the equally talented P.J Hogan, Moorhouse opens up their home and the life they have created together. Speaking candidly of their four children, with two having autism, Moorhouse almost processes her journey through motherhood out loud.

It is a courageous and authentic telling of all the pieces that make up her identity, a spectacular memoir of her narrative.

I devoured this book, it was relatable and intelligent, filled with courage and vulnerability. A great book to lose yourself in, one that will feed the soul.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books