Unfinished Woman by Robyn Davidson


‘The zigzagging life of an adventurer’ GUARDIAN
‘An astonishing, wonderful memoir of an extraordinary life’ HENRY MARSH, author of Do No Harm
An unforgettable memoir from the author of the sensational international bestseller Tracks– the story of a mother and daughter, of love, loss and the pursuit of freedom

In 1977, twenty-seven-year-old Robyn Davidson set off with a dog and four camels to cross 1,700 miles of Australian desert to the sea.

A life of almost constant travelling followed. From the deserts of Australia, to Sydney’s underworld; from Sixties street life, to the London literary scene; from migrating with nomads in Tibet, to ‘marrying’ an Indian prince, Davidson’s quest was motivated by an unquenchable curiosity about other ways of seeing and understanding the world.

Davidson threw bombs over her shoulder and seeds into her future on the assumption that something would be growing when she got there. The only terrain she had no interest in exploring was the past.

In Unfinished Woman Davidson turns at last to explore that long avoided country. Through this brave and revealing memoir, she delves into her childhood and youth to uncover the forces that set her on her path, and confront the cataclysm of her early loss.

Unfinished Woman is an unforgettable investigation of time and memory, and a powerful interrogation of how we can live with and find beauty in the uncertainty and strangeness of being.
‘In her twenties, Davidson trekked 1,700 miles through the Australian wilderness. This led to the bestselling book Tracks and global fame. Half a century later she has written about what motivated her including the tragic early death of her mother’ Simon Hattenstone, GUARDIAN
“Davidson captures an exciting and complex life with insight and humour … Davidson’s life has been full of adventures, encounters, love affairs and losses. She pulls them apart, examines them and lays them before us so as to question what sort of life we are living” – SPECTATOR
“This is a beautiful story about finding a home wherever you go and understanding your own narrative” – BOOKS+PUBLISHING
“Immersive and profound, Robyn Davidson’s Unfinished Woman is a portal to understanding a daughter’s grief. “We take our mothers into us; that is where they live,” she writes. So much of her mother’s life may remain unknown, but through memoir, Davidson completes what she considers an impossible task- crafting a moving portrait of her mother. This book will stay with me” – JEANNIE VANASCO, author of The Glass Eye
“Stunning. Robyn Davidson lives and writes with an explorer’s courage, but this book is more than an adventure story. Unfinished Woman is an unfiltered glimpse into the fierce pursuit of freedom and connection, woven with a mother-daughter bond untouchable by time” – KENDRA ATLEEWORK, author of Miracle Country
“Searching, captivating and miraculously honest. Davidson has a voice we want to travel with, and to know” – LISA BRENNAN-JOBS, New York Times bestselling author of Small Fry
Praise for Tracks- “This will rank among the best of the books of exploration and travel and, like them, is a record of self-discovery and self-proving” – DORIS LESSING
“An unforgettably powerful book, beautiful, thrilling and ferociously brave … Davidson’s timeless story of her astonishing journey gripped me from the first page to the last” – CHERYL STRAYED
“It gets to the heart of landscape and solitude and becomes a venture to the interior of more than one dimension as its author approaches the hinterland of her own thorny psyche” – OBSERVER
“An absorbing record of human endeavour and courage, a vivid picture of an extraordinary country by a perceptive and sensitive observer, and the story of an inner journey, of “shedding burdens”” – SYDNEY MORNING HERALD
“As eccentric, undisciplined, flashily brilliant and pig-headed as its author … Ms Davidson is a born writer, her book deeply moving” – DAILY TELEGRAPH
“Vivid and vivacious … Davidson is as natural a writer as she is an adventurer” – NEW YORKER
“Davidson’s has been an operatic life, punctuated by dramas of love and death, populated with colourful characters and backed by exotic scenery … I loved reading this book.” – THE MONTHLY
“Davidson pieces together and attempts to understand who her mother was as a person and, by extension, who she is. This is a beautiful story about finding a home wherever you go and understanding your own narrative” – BOOKS + PUBLISHING