Unnecessary Drama by Nina Kenwood – Our Review


Our Review…

Brooke is just the sweetest young lady, mature beyond her years and the most loyal of friends. She is one of those fabulously organised humans that never misses a birthday, is the coordinator of group gifts and who always follows the rules. Heck, Brooke is the maker of the rules, and her standards are high.

Finishing high school and starting university is big transition for anyone and for Brooke it is understandably daunting.

In an ode to gaining her independence, Brooke decides to move out into a share house, behold the dingy abode. There is just one rule in the share house that a young and bright, eighteen-year-old Brooke has moved into… ‘No unnecessary drama’. That means no fights and certainly no romance between the housemates, it should be easy enough for Brooke however, she plans to keep her head down and study hard.

But upon meeting the housemates, Brooke is horrified to learn that her high school nemesis Jesse is living in the room next-door. Planning to ghost the guy, and keep the relationship strictly cordial, Brooke soon discovers that no amount of planning can help keep this drama under wraps.

‘Unnecessary Drama’ is an absolutely hilarious read, it is a light-hearted portrayal of forging one’s way in the world, filled with the most brilliant characters. Be prepared to snort laugh along the way, this one will have you in stitches.

Perfect for fans of ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books