Unraveller by Frances Hardinge


Our Review…

Darkly gothic, set in a fantastical world where dark curses can be laid upon the unwary, Unraveller will appeal to teen and adult alike.

Written by Costa award winning author Frances Hardinge of The Lie Tree fame we venture into gloriously perilous marshlands and Wilds where we meet the surly unstable Kellen, the Unraveller, gifted with the ability to unravel curses woven upon victims hearts. His ability is so powerful he must wear iron cuffs so he too doesn’t start to unravel. His constant companion and ally is the gentle Nettle, who while she remains with him will stay unravelled, but while she doesn’t wish to become separated she knows her curse will cause her to shapeshift into the body of a snow-white heron.

While there are many who claim to have the gift,  Kellen is the only true Unraveller in Raddith, so when the pair find themselves in a spot of grave danger, they make a deal that will alter the course of the their quietly underhanded existence, making every step more dangerous and treacherous than the last.

The world building is immense and writing exquisite, with fantastic characters, Unravelling is very special indeed.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books