Until August by Garcia Márquez, Gabriel – Our Review


Our Review…

The mere thought of a lost novel from the late great Gabriel García Márquez is a thrill, taking me back to the wonder of discovering his writing through One Hundred Years of Solitude and Love in the Time of Cholera. Then when you read in the preface that ‘Gabo’ didn’t want this book published a tall, it makes the whole thing even more enticing.

Until August, more a novella (especially when compared to his previous epics) is unlike García Márquez’s other work. The writing is simple, though still with vivid descriptions, and the story itself is equally straightforward, though full of complex emotions. Every August Ana Magdalena Bach returns to the island where her mother is buried and each year, for one night only, she takes a new lover. But is it love she’s searching for? Or a sense of freedom? Is she lamenting getting older and having regrets about a life that was once enough for her?

A tender, sensual story, Until August may not reach the heights of Gabriel García Márquez’s previous work, but it is a treat to discover.

Review by Andi @ Great Escape Books