Walkers Journal Issue 04 (Vol. One – No. Four)


We are delighted to welcome the arrival of summer and of Issue Four of Walkers Journal. Issue Four truly has something for everyone, starting with two trips to Mount Murchison and Montezuma Falls in Tasmania’s takayna / Tarkine, one of the largest expanses of cool temperate rainforest in the world. Then, join us on the Great Ocean Walk in Victoria and revel in the natural wonders of the region. In NSW, the Goulburn River Walk will lead you through cliffs, gullies and river beds with a few surprises along the way. After that, you’ll see why bathers are required for the scenic Yurmikmik walks in Kakadu National Park, NT. Next back to Tassie again, where in Hobart we begin walking from Salamanca to kunanyi in the wee hours of the morning and are rewarded with incredible views. Lastly, a tale of resilience after bushfires and First Nations history are told in Namadgi National Park, ACT on the route from Honeysuckle Creek to Legoland.

Apollo Bay to Twelve Apostles
Yurmikmik walks
Honeysuckle Creek to Legoland
Goulburn River National Park
Mount Murchison and Montezuma Falls
Salamanca to Kunanyi