Wandi by Favel Parrett – Our Review


Our Review…

Why You Will Love This….
Wandi is the luminously captivating true story of Wandi, a lost and injured alpine dingo pup.

Favel Parrett perfectly captures the voice of young Wandi as he moves through confusion and fear at losing his family, right through his incredible adventure to love and safety.

An uplifting and inspiring story for any age, but perfect for readers 8-12 years.

More about Wandi…
Wandi the dingo was just five weeks old when he made international headlines after being snatched by an enormous eagle and dropped into a back yard in Victoria’s High Country.

Remarkably unscathed, little Wandi was soon discovered to be a 100% alpine dingo – his incredible fall from the sky proof that pure dingoes continue to survive on the east coast of Australia.

Two years later, the world’s most famous dingo has fathered six cubs of his own, and become the subject of award-winning Melbourne author Favel Parrett’s first children’s book, Wandi.

“This is the most important book I’ve ever written,” Parrett says, who has published three novels including the beautiful multi award-winning novel There Was Still Love.

Favel works as a volunteer 2 days a week at the Dingo Discovery Centre.
Her passion and love for our native dingoes is inspirational.

Proceeds ($10.00) from the Wandi Dingo Toy ($17.00 each) go directly to aid research and care for dingoes at the Dingo Discovery Sanctuary, Research and Education Centre, Toolern Vale, Victoria.