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Our Review…

In Good Faith by Dassi Elrich is one of the most incredible non-fiction books I have read lately. Her propensity to guide the reader through uncomfortable and heartbreaking truth, makes a difficult read essential.
Dassi and her family grew up in the ultra-orthodox sect in inner Melbourne, and Dassi and her sisters not only suffered a tumultuous family life and abuse but were then groomed and sexually abused by their heralded school principal and mentor Malka Leifer.
It took decades for Dassi to understand what had happened to her was abuse and grooming, let alone to gather the courage to report it to authorities. To do so, cost Dassi everything including her culture, upbringing, and community..
Unbelievably in response to the allegations, Malka Leifer fled to Israel with backing by the community in Australia and Israel. It took countless years to bring her home to face trial and the unwavering courage of Dassi is the reason.
In her book, Dassi tells her story and it is an injustice of a childhood that she should never have had to live. Her vulnerability and strength make for a breathtakingly heart-rending yet beautiful book, that will educate and open your mind in a way that might just help you stand up for those around you.
An incredible story of hope.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books

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