Wedderburn, A true tale of blood and dust by Maryrose Cuskelly- Our Review


Our Review…

Cuskelly offers an intelligent and sensitive exposition of a triple murder that took place on a rural property in Wedderburn, Victoria, in October 2014.
Probing character, history, motivation, gossip, and what she calls the “strata of acceptance and status” in a small country town, her dispassionate study is mostly based on interviews with family members, friends, neighbours, townspeople, and the court case itself.
She considers the pressures and hidden forces that might lie behind a triple murder of “normal” people. A murder committed by their next-door neighbour, whom people spoke well of and considered a friend. And she raises disturbing questions about our innate capacity for violence.
Cuskelly presents her material with all the power of a true storyteller, using brief vignettes for emphasis, and calm understated commentary. She gathers their stories with meticulous attention to detail and nuance, and then skilfully crafts her own interpretation of these events.
But she doesn’t allow us to forget that this story is real. And she shows us how horror rises from the shadows of the ordinary, more than it ever could from a spotlight on the bloody results. Still, there are bloody results …
I’m not generally a fan of the true crime genre but I was completely caught up in this book, horrified and fascinated, right to the last page.
Review by Andrea @ Great Escape Books