We’re Not the Champions (The Under Dogs #2) by Tracey West and Illustrated by Kyla May


Welcome to Barksdale, where all the dogs strive for perfection. Every shopkeeper claims to be the ‘best groomer’ or sell the ‘best biscuits’. And at Barksdale Academy, the pressure is on for one pup to be named Best in Show. Duke’s cousin Coco, a French bulldog visiting from Paris is cool, funny, and charming–especially compared to the Underdogs. So when it comes time to choose teams, it’s no surprise she ends up on Team Awesome instead of with her cousin Duke and his friends. But during the K-2 exam, Coco can’t seem to get anything right! And if Barksdale loses the field day events, everyone including the Underdogs will fail their loyalty exam! Can the Underdogs come to Coco’s rescue and save their school’s reputation?