What Happened to Nina? by Dervla McTiernan – Our Review


Our Review…

Written from multiple perspectives, ‘What Happened to Nina?’ is illustrious author Dervla McTiernan at her finest.

Simon and Nina are high school sweethearts, having fallen in love with the lofty heights that young love brings.

But after a weekend away at Simon’s family country house, Nina doesn’t return home, and their romance has soured.

Nina’s parents are perplexed at where their daughter could be. Last, they knew the young couple were blissfully in love and enjoying each other’s company.

Confronting Simon and his parents, desperately searching for answers as to their daughters whereabouts they are disturbed to be met with carefully crafted PR responses and the best criminal defence lawyer money could buy. Two families stand unmovable in their resolve, with love for their child and family the only thing that matters.

Soon, everyone has a theory on what could have happened with elaborate accusations and speculation rife, only complicating the stories.

Stopping at nothing to find their daughter, her parents realise they are up against giants they can never move. So, with everything to lose, they will stop at nothing to find the truth and bring their daughter home.

Unputdownable, thrilling, and mesmerising, this is a fabulous rea

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books