Time Catchers – When Days Tilt by Karen Ginnane – Our Review


Rarely does a novel so completely captivate you. Beautifully crafted, this stunning debut from Australian author Karen Ginnane brings two new great heroes into our world.

Our Review…
Set in the heady chaos of 1800’s London, people are disappearing and coming back quite changed. When Ava’s beloved housekeeper and ally Violet vanishes, Ava is also swept into a parallel twin London, the darkly magical city of Donlon, where time itself is being bent. Here she will meet Jack, a plucky blacksmith apprentice, who will guide her and a prove to be her staunchest friend and protector, as they fight tooth and nail to protect the people they love and right time in both worlds.

Facing epic moral dilemmas, Eva and Jack find they must question themselves at every turn in this magnificently crafted world-bending novel. A must read for your daughter or son.
Great for confident readers ages 10-12 years + (I read it as an adult and adored it)

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books