When She Was Good by Michael Robotham – Our Review


Our Review…
Michael Robotham has produced another sizzling page turner with When She Was Good .

Michael’s talent is producing great characters that you cannot help but form strong attachments to. We saw this with his much loved Joe O’Loughlin series, that caused world wide dismay in fans when he decided to send Joe into retirement. There was much relief when he started a new series with criminal psychologist Cyrus Haven and misplaced teenager Evie, who Cyrus beliefs is a very rare “truth wizard” with her ability to tell when people are lying.

When She Was Good is the second in the series after last years Good Girl Bad Girl. Robotham is never scared to put his characters through the ringer and is very Peter Temple-esque in the amount of grit he is prepared to also put the reader through.

You don’t need to read the first one to understand When She Was Good but once you get attached to these characters you will want to read everything you can.
One of the worlds most prolific and much loved crime writers delivers again and we are all happy he has.

Review by Marty Maher – Nic’s partner