When the Apricots Bloom by Gina Wilkinson – Our Review


Our Review…

Gina Wilkinson has drawn on her lived experience in Iraq to write a profound and deeply felt novel, When the Apricots Bloom.

Written through the lives of three women living under the devastating regime of Saddam Hussein, these women know their survival depends on their courage and bravery. Forced into impossible choices, their lives become intertwined. Huda is a secretary at the Australian Embassy who is forced to befriend and spy on the ambassador’s wife Ally, under the threat of the secret police.

While her Huda’s former friend Rania is no longer living the privileged life as the sheikh’s daughter, with her wealth gone and her life hanging in the balance she too is in imminent danger. Huda, Ally and Rania; three women who are just trying to protect their families but who hide dangerous secrets that threaten to unravel in the most fearful of places.

A heart stopping story of survival, sacrifice and strength. Perfect for readers who love books with strong female characters.