Where The Truth Lies by Karina Kilmore- Our Review


Our Review:

‘Where The Truth Lies’ is the brilliant debut novel by Karina Kilmore and proves that she is an upcoming author to watch.

An Australian crime fiction, the novel follows the life of journalist Chrissie O’Brian who is desperate to flee from the nightmare that is her past.

Landing an envious new job, Chrissie is hoping to make her big break in bringing to the light, the mystery behind two tragic deaths on the docks.

Investigating the Unions, big business and power are a dangerous mix and Chrissie must harness her inner strength to fight against the threats that are trying to frighten her from the uncovering the truth.

But Chrissie isn’t your usual likeable character, she is an alcoholic who has caused immeasurable harm to those closest to her. She is a shattered woman, raw and real, and yet full of grit.

I just loved this book, I loved the thrill and the adventure. It was unique and refreshing and a completely capturing mystery.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books