Willowman by Inga Simpson – Our Review


Our Review…

This book is an ode to cricket, to the summertime, to the green grass under foot and the warm nights spent with family and friends. It is perfect for reading this summer and would make a fantastic Christmas gift for any cricket enthusiast or fiction lover alike.

The book is set around the lives of two interconnected people and their families.

Allan Reader is a craftsman; his family have lovingly and incredibly created handmade cricket bats for cricketers across the world. Allan lives alone, and while he keeps the dying art alive in his unassuming workshop, he is always immersed in the game he loves.

Todd Harrow is a young man, about to make it big in the sport. He is young, passionate and loves everything cricket.

Allan and Todd’s lives intersect when Allan decides to expertly craft Todd a personalised cricket bat, which Todd receives with deep pride.

In time, we come to understand the separate lives of the two men. Their dreams, love, desires and their times of failure and sadness, all through the lense of the national sport that brings them, and in some ways all Australian’s together.

Absolutely brilliant storytelling, written in a mesmerising and soothing pace makes for a truly memorable book.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books