Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin.


Our Review…
Ryan Graudin sets up the fascinating premise where he explores the possibility of what the world would be like if Hitler had actually won World War II.
Our novel opens in a concentration camp where a young Jewish girl Yael is singled out to be part of a genetic experiment program.Young Yael undergoes a series of horrific injections to alter her appearance from a brown-eyed, dark- haired Jewish girl to a typical blue-eyed blonde beauty preferred by the Fuehrer.
The ultimate aim of the experiments is to offer normal Germans the possibility to look more purely Aryan in appearance. Little does the doctor know that his experiments exceed
a little too well and Yael learns to visually shift her appearance to resemble anyone at will. Mimicking the commandants daughter she escapes and lives on the streets picking people’s pockets, scavenging in bins for food, and changing her appearance as she flees police.
She comes to the attention of the underground resistance movement and is given the ultimate goal – to assassinate Hitler. While Wolf by Wolf is a fast paced,
intelligent action adventure novel, underlying the plot, the novel also explores the notion of identity, a topic close to many teens hearts.
Yael can be anyone, have any face, be a great beauty or ugly, be any nationality, yet in doing this she starts to question who she really is as she never has an identity of her own.
Complex and multi-layered, this novel is a great read for 12-plus to adult.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books