Woman of The Dead by Bernhard Aichner


Our Review: Revenge is a dish best served cold in Bernhard Aichner’ s crime novel, The Woman of The Dead. The book was a huge success in Europe, and like many German and Scandinavian texts it is a chillingly clever read.
As a young child Brunhilde Blum was adopted by a childless couple who took young Blum in for the sole reason to groom her to take over their undertaking business. After committing a crime that wil make you qusetion your own ethics, 10 years later, Blum lavishes the love she never received. Her life is idyllic, until her husband is run down in what seems a random hit and run accident. When Blum delves deeper into what he was investigating she realized this no accident. With shades of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Blum mercilessly hunts down each member of a crime ring Mark was investigating- five men known as the photographer, the huntsman, the priest, the cook and the clown. Once again see what Blum is really capable of.
Review by Nicole Maher @ Great Escape Books

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