Wonderlands by Robert Ingpen – Signed Editions


Step into Robert Ingpens magical world with this book of wonderful images that have made Robert a worldwide household name for childrens illustration. Here you will find his own autobiographical tales, illustrators notes, original sketches and illustrations from his award-winning publications. Robert leads us on his journeys into the wondrous landscapes of the classics he has so famously illustrated (Neverland, the Riverbank, Oz and Alices Wonderland) as well as into the magical landscapes of his own imagination and the more real but no less magical scenery of his own beloved Australia, and reveals the places, stories and people that inspired him along the way. Roberts astonishing creative vision has breathed life into more than one hundred books and delighted countless children around the world throughout his remarkable career as an illustrator. Wonderlands is a fitting celebration of Robert Ingpens work as a master illustrator and storyteller.Ingpens drawings are utterly compelling Michael Morpurgo Every brush-stroke of his beautifully conceived illustrations is a tribute to what is going on in the story.

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