Words In Deep Blue by Cath Crowley: 2017 Indie Shortlisted Book


Our Review…
I loved this book right from the first page.It is about readers and the power of books and love: love between siblings, friends and lovers. It is bursting with heart and emotion.
Anyone who has ever bought a secondhand book and found scribbles on the pages, underlined words and passages or a note left between pages, will have felt the magic and emotion from these discoveries. This book is intertwined around such books and set in a 2nd hand bookstore, 'Howling Books' where between the bookshelves there is a 'Letter Library' where people are encouraged to write in margins, underline and use books as conversationist to be had with other readers.
The two main characters are Henry, whose family lives in and owns the bookshop, and Rachel who was once best friends with Henry until time and distance drew them apart. When Rachel moves back to the city, a different person than she was before, her life is entwined with Henry’s once again and its from here we have this beautiful story.
If you love words and books and poetry and just literature in general you will love this beautiful story. It is magic.
Review by Jenny @ Great Escape Books