Yellowface by Rebecca Kuang – Our Review


Our Review…

In Yellowface expect to feel uncomfortable, icky and challenged for all right reasons as RF Kuang writes a satirical expose into racism, privilege, and power through the lense of the book publishing industry itself.

It is clever, brilliantly written and guaranteed to make you think.

In the book, we met two friends, or perhaps frenemies would best describe the relationship between Athena Lui and Juniper Hayward.

Both women, striving to make it in the highly competitive environment that being a successful author inhabits.

June while happy for her friend’s accomplishment as a wildly successful author, can’t help but feel jealousy and a deep resentment at her own flailing career. Questioning whether Athena is favoured as a woman of diverse culture than her pure talent.

So, when a freak accident causes the sudden and tragic death of Athena, June happens upon the opportunity to steal Athena’s unpublished manuscript as her own brilliant work.

An addictive, fast paced and disturbingly funny novel that tackles deep questions of cultural appropriation, bias and discrimination not just in the literary community but in society at large.

Absolutely brilliant.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books